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    Thank you for your interest in a New York Department of Financial Services Cyber Security risk assessment from ePlus

    Complete the fields to the right to request your assessment. This tiered assessment is based on assets under management, and follows the guidelines set forth in the cyber security regulations. 

    • Criteria for evaluation and categorization of identified risks

    • Criteria to assess the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the covered entity’s information systems

    • Effectiveness of existing controls to address the identified risks

    • Documented requirements that describe how identified risks will be mitigated or accepted based on the risk assessment.

    Put ePlus’ expertise to work for you:

    • Dedicated security division

    • Local teams throughout New York

    • Demonstrated success serving financial institutions.

    New York State Department of Financial Services Resources:

    Request your assessment today! For more information, contact:
    Lauren Latuso | 631-478-6455 | lauren.latuso@eplus.com