Palo Alto Networks Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Overview

Are you using best practices in your Palo Alto Networks deployment?

Are you properly applying capabilities across your security platform?

ePlus works with our customers to provide a complimentary evaluation to help assess and optimize your configuration, identify risk, and provide recommendations on how to remediate issues using the Palo Alto Networks Best Practice Assessment (BPA).

Are You Ready for an ePlus Go Beyond Best Practice Assessment?

What is the BPA?

This tool performs a comprehensive evaluation of your security configurations by measuring your usage of Next-Generation Firewall and Panorama™ security management capabilities across your deployment, enabling you to make adjustments that maximize your return on investment, reduce your attack surface, and strengthen your security posture.

What can a BPA do for you?

  • Increase visibility with advanced security controls
  • Measure your security capabilities with customizable heatmap reports and industry benchmarks
  • Create a roadmap for increased threat prevention
  • Reduce opportunities for attack by creating usage baselines and systematically reducing unnecessary applications and user traffic
  • Improve security operations over time
  • Stay up to date on the effectiveness of controls by repeating the assessment regularly and demonstrating increased prevention capabilities

What ePlus will deliver:

  • Receive a comprehensive security health check and gauge your existing policy configurations
  • Create a roadmap of critical policy configurations and measure the progress of your implementation
  • Leverage our tools to improve your prevention capabilities by following recommended best practices