Fortinet Security Rating Assessment Overview

ePlus offers you access to the Fortinet Security Rating Assessment to help your organization optimize your security posture with objective, actionable insights based on accepted standards and comparisons with peer organizations.

  • It provides measurable results, allowing teams to report risk and vulnerability data to executive management, boards of directors, and auditors, in the context of what is important to the business.
  • It helps organizations understand where they stand in relation to peer organizations and accepted standards.
  • It provides actionable insights into configuration changes and steps they can take to improve their risk posture.

Are You Ready for an ePlus Go Beyond Security Rating Assessment?

Three Questions a Security Rating Assessment helps answer:

Is my network security set up properly?

  • Are configurations optimized according to my organization’s specific needs and targeted at my industry’s most common threats?
  • Among things that need to be changed, which are the most important to my specific business?

How can I show the organization that we are secure?

  • What is the maturity level of our security architecture and processes?
  • How does our security posture compare with other organizations in our industry?
  • How does our security posture compare with accepted standards and the needs of our business?
  • What are the most important next steps in the development of our security architecture?

How can I demonstrate compliance to my auditors?

  • What are the specific compliance issues that need to be addressed immediately?
  • How can I compile compliance data continually in a format that auditors will accept?
  • By helping answer these questions in an automated way, the Fortinet Security Rating Service enables companies to move onto a path of meaningful and measured security transformation that is automated, proactive, predictive, and verified.