Get CyberSmart

Have you seen the FBI’s updated public service announcement regarding Ransomware? This PSA also includes cyber defense best practices. View it here.

Master the Art of Preparation

The best defense is a good offense. And the best offense is a thoughtful approach. Like a champion golfer strategizing his game, you should be methodical in preparing your security approach.

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Stop Disruptive Cyber Threats

Ransomware and other disruptive malware can have a long and lasting negative effect on business operations, financials and brand reputation, impacting organizations across almost every industry. The sole intent of malicious software is to damage and disrupt critical business functions.

Consider how a loss of business continuity can put critical services in jeopardy. Check out the resources below to learn more.
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Reduce Your Attack Surface

A key challenge that organizations face as they navigate their digital transformation is a lack of comprehensive network visibility, specifically as it pertains to internal security controls. Without proper access and policy controls and segmentation, your network is left open to threats, and in the event of compromise, lateral movement.

Check out the resources below to learn more about how to reduce your attack surface.
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Secure Multi-Cloud Workloads

As organizations increasingly move toward a multi-cloud strategy for managing their data, it is critical to mitigate the risks associated with this diversification. The key to implementing a resilient multi-cloud strategy is to incorporate security into each component from day-one when it is easiest and less costly to implement and enforce.

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Optimize Your Defenses

Fragmentation in security tools and management consoles makes it challenging to properly manage your security program. Security platforms are increasingly becoming a core component to security programs, helping you become more efficient and effective, improving security operations and enabling more value from existing tools.

Learn more about SOAR Solutions, Managed Security Services, and other ways to optimize your defenses by accessing the resources below.

Why ePlus for Security?

With evolving technology and an environment abundant with new cyber threats, new regulations and an ever-increasing talent shortage, building a strong security culture is imperative to the success of your organization. With deep technology and engineering experience across the entire IT landscape, ePlus strives to better protect our customers’ data and brand to enable positive business outcomes.

ePlus designs and delivers effective, integrated cyber security programs centered on culture and technology, aimed at mitigating business risk, empowering digital transformation, and enabling innovation. We do this by understanding our customers’ business challenges and tailoring comprehensive security programs that help protect their entire IT infrastructure.
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